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Introduction section / unit: Bronchoscopy The bronchoscopy department of Omid Hospital is able to provide services to patients with tumor problems, pulmonary airway stenosis, fistula (trachea to esophagus), non-pharmacological treatment of asthma and intra-tumor chemotherapy, airway stenting, lung membrane sampling and cryopreservation (Without the need for open lung surgery).   Services and specialized activities of the department / unit: By performing bronchoscopy, it is possible to examine the respiratory tract (larynx-trachea-bronchus) by a small and narrow device called a bronchoscope. The doctor can observe any narrowing or obstruction in the airway by a camera mounted to the end of the bronchoscope. With this device, the doctor can also sample the tissue of the airway (it will help diagnose your problem) or remove foreign objects or secretions in the airway.   Activity hours / unit: Tuesday and Wednesday Specialized equipment of the department / unit: Bronchoscopic device Specialist physicians / colleagues working in: – Dr. Mahdia Gholamnejad, a lung specialist