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Introduction of section / unit: The colonoscopy department of Omid Hospital is able to provide services to patients with tumor problems, polyps, obstruction and any type of wound, inflammation or abnormal tissue in the large intestine using a colonoscopy device. Many people get stressed when they hear the name colonoscopy and think that a very painful and difficult process awaits them, while colonoscopy can lead to a successful and accurate diagnosis of your problem and this can mean a better chance of treatment. Services and specialized activities of the department / unit: Colonoscopy is a method for observing the inner parts of the large intestine and making it possible to diagnose and screen for any problems and diseases in this area. The colonoscopy process is performed by a device called a colonoscope. The colonoscope device has a very thin and flexible tube 150 cm long with a small camera with a diameter of 1 cm at the head. During the colonoscopy, the damaged tissues can be removed from the patient’s body at the same time as the colonoscopy. Activity hours / unit: All days of the week Specialized equipment of the department / unit: Colonoscopy device Specialist physicians / colleagues working in: – Dr. Asad Hashemi, a specialist in gastroenterology and ERCP – Dr. Ali Jafari Haidarlou, a specialist in gastroenterology and ERCP