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Head of Department: Dr. Faramarz Homayouni

Specialty: General Surgeon

Head Nurse or Head of Unit: Ruhollah Yavari

Introduction of section / unit:

The emergency room of Omid Hospital has a public clinic under the supervision of patients admitted to the emergency room. This emergency room has a separate entrance for patients under the supervision of the general clinic. The entrance of the ward has a triage room to treat patients based on the type of facilities required. 1 Isolated bed and 1 outpatient operating room bed 2 separate rooms for outpatient applications such as cardiac tape, dressing injections, etc., and the most important emergency parts of the resuscitation room with all its necessary facilities. Depending on the conditions and facilities of the emergency room, it can include intensive care units and outpatient and general operations.

Services and specialized activities of the department / unit:

  1. General emergency (Admission of cardiovascular patients – outpatient procedures such as sutures – casts – blood transfusions … Admission of patients with internal emergencies, cancer and trauma

Activity hours / unit: 24 hours a day

Specialized equipment of the department / unit:

  1. Cardiac monitoring 2. Ventilator and ambumatic 3. Tracheal resuscitation 4. Fixation of trauma

patients Specialist physicians / colleagues working in: 1. General practitioner residing in the emergency department 2. Specialist physicians based in the hospital or on call 3. Nursing specialists with at least 4 years of experience in the emergency department