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  • What are the accommodation facilities of Omid Hospital for international patients?
In addition to using the hospital’s hotel services in VIP rooms and Omid guest house, international patients can use the accommodation facilities of the city by concluding contracts with tourism companies contracted by Omid Hospital.
  • How are the medical expenses received in Omid Hospital?
In case of face-to-face referral of international patients, the costs will be received in cash or credit card based on the currency of Iran, Rials, or Dollars. If the tourism companies are the liaison between the international patients and the hospital, no hospital fees will be charged from these patients. In the hospital lobby, access to the Tejarat Bank counter and ATM is possible.
  • What is the quality of medical services in Omid Hospital?
Omid Hospital has been able to obtain the rank of first class hospital by establishing accreditation standards approved and announced by the Ministry of Health of Iran.
  • Do patients and companions of outpatients need an interpreter to communicate?
Omid Hospital, due to the high number of patients from Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan, has made arrangements for a hospital staff including a nurse and physician fluent in Istanbul Turkish, Kurdish and Azerbaijani Turkish to treat international patients and their companions. Accompany during treatment.
  • How can we get admission for an outpatient?
One of the most important facilities of Omid Hospital is the possibility of admitting an international patient through the site. You can consult with IPD experts before getting accepted. For this important, call (+98-4431881-128) After receiving advice and information about the clinics and hospital facilities program, you can apply for admission by entering the information in the list of virtual admissions of international patients and attaching the file in the form of a cohesive pdf file. For more information, read the International Patients menu on the website.