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Omid Hospital in the mirror of time and history


Origin of Omid Hospital:

The Omid Hospital is the birth of determination and the will of the charity association, which was formed in the late 1980s.
The eight years of imposed war caused extensive damage to the country’s infrastructure, and Azeris, especially those with a more severe disease.

lack of specialized hospitals, lack of modern medical equipment, hardship of traveling to the capital and high costs of accommodation and treatment, lack of focus on medical and treatment services, and It had become the biggest cancer problem in West Azerbaijan.

The most extreme problems of patients led a group of doctors and specialists in the health care sector to lay the foundation for a charitable organization that was supposed to alleviate the heavy burden on those suffering from cancer.

During the 1980s, images of Orumiyeh’s health and treatment


The History of the Association of aiding to the Cancerious Patients in West Azerbaijan:

The history of the Omid Association is tied with names such as Dr. Javad Khashabi, the late Mr. Haj Salem, Dr. Ali Eddin Mehri, Mr.Qareh Baghi, Haj Asadollah Habibi, and some others. After more than 30 years of operation, doctors and trustees who have been able to start the largest research center in the northwest of Iran, Azerbaijan, Iran, and even the world.
An association that has its inception sought to create a standard infrastructure, provide treatment for different cancers and yet is working.


Album of Omid’s first years

Establishment of a hospital

The bright flames of hope, after nearly 30 years, turned into a bright and promising sun, which today is the heat of the hearts of cancer patients.

Yes, it was in the hard and exhausting way of working to treating cancerous patients, that specialized hospital of Omid Orumiyeh on May 6th, 2017 was officially inaugurated in the presence of Dr. Ghazi zadeh Hashemi, Minister of Health, Medical Education to offer his services to the general population of Azerbaijan, Iran and and our neighbors in the region.
This day is named “Hope Day” in the calendar of our Association. Omid means hope.

The Omid hospital does not have shareholders and beneficiaries. In addition, all the expenses received from patients are spent directly on the treatment and provision of drugs for needy patients.