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Introduction of section / unit:   Undoubtedly, the most equipped ward of Omid Hospital with 17 beds and unique equipment such as full-parameter vital signs, ventilator, portable ultrasound, radiology and experienced 24-hour anesthesiologists is the Omid Intensive Care Center. Having 16 beds (ICU) and an isolated room with equipped devices, Omid Hospital is among the advanced medical centers in the province so that doctors can safely perform the treatment process in this hospital based on their knowledge. In addition to all the medical facilities of this ward, due to its special conditions and the lack of visits to the hospitalized companions, the intensive care unit of Omid Hospital is equipped with a companion monitoring room so that they can establish video communication with their patients and watch the treatment process and services of its dedicated staff.   Services and specialized activities of the department / unit: Activity hours / unit: Boarding Specialized equipment of the department / unit: 17 beds Full parameter, ventilator, portable ultrasound, radiology