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International patient department

International Patients Ward of Omid Hospital In order to achieve the goal of growth and development of a sustainable society and increase national per capita income indicators, the field of treatment can have a great share by exporting knowledge and selling its knowledge and services to neighboring countries. Countless opportunities in the field of knowledge acquisition, adequate medical and scientific infrastructure and with the perseverance of human resources to be among the world’s exporting countries to achieve development goals by reducing reliance on oil exports and increasing non-oil exports and currency appreciation for the country. Omid Hospital also wants to play its role in the development goals of our dear country Iran by setting this goal as a model and gaining its share in the field of attracting international patients and the growth of the medical tourism sector. It has set up all its capabilities and utilization of modern equipment and standard diagnostic and treatment along with experienced staff and is ready to accept patients in different trends and fields of treatment. The International Patients Unit of Omid Hospital by equipping its various treatment units and wards with a VIP room, as well as equipping the room for patient admission and doctor’s visit (IPD) and implementing all the requirements and specific criteria of this unit with the potential to attract patients in the field. Specialized and sub-specialized companies introduce themselves as a top hub in the region and offer their services. Dear ones, you can receive all your needs and questions by referring to the official website of the hospital in the field of referral and admission of international patients and get acquainted with all the facilities provided by this center.
  • Having private and public VIP rooms
  • Experienced physicians in the international patient’s ward
  • Complete and up-to-date equipment in diagnostic and treatment fields
  • Being located in a suitable area and neighborhood with four countries and being available for esteemed clients from neighboring countries
  • Existence of international airport with different flights to neighboring countries
  • Having tourism potential in the field of natural and ancient resources
  • Intimate cooperation with various medical centers to provide professional and specialized services
  One of the strengths of Omid Hospital is in the field of health tourism We have only one goal, to give you the best gift from the historical country of Iran, and that is the good news of recovery.