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Operation room

Head of Department: Dr. Behzad Sinaei Specialty: Pain specialist and anesthesiologist Head Nurse or Head of Unit: Mr. Rezvani


Introduction of department / unit: operating room

Omid Hospital with 4 operating rooms equipped to perform various and complex surgeries in specialties such as: general surgery, urology, plastic, orthopedics, maxillofacial, ENT, neurology, gynecology and … is one of the most modern surgical centers in the city and with modern anesthesia devices, electrical surgery beds, intraoperative imaging (CARM), 6 recovery beds have created a safe environment for surgeons and specialists in the province and the country to perform their latest and most complex surgeries in this hospital. Up to now, this center has been able to successfully perform new surgeries in the field of joint and disc treatment with the support of these facilities. Services and specialized activities of the department / unit: Perform all surgeries in the above fields Activity hours / unit: 24/7 Boarding Specialized equipment of the department / unit: Modern Anesthesia Devices, Electrical Surgery Beds, Operational Imaging (CARM), 6 Recovery Beds, Laparoscopy, Stone Laser, RF Devices, Tourniquet, Pneumatic Specialist physicians / colleagues working in: Gentlemen: Dr. Sinaei-Dr. Ehsasat Vatan-Dr. Tolo Mehr-Dr. Mutab Ladies: Dr. Hosseinzadeh – Dr. Eghtesad Doost – Dr. Ahmadi Distinguished Surgeons: Dr. Fathollahzadeh, Dr. Alipour, Dr. Abdar, Dr. Khoshnood, Dr. Jangi, Dr. Kazempour, Dr. Hosseini, Dr. Mahmoudloo, Dr. Mehdizadeh, Dr. Mahmoudzadeh, Dr. Mirzatoloui, Dr. Sarvash Homayouni-Dr. Safaei-Dr. Mirzaei-Dr. Zahedi-Dr. Amiranloo-Dr. Alizadeh-Dr. Zohrdost-Dr. Karimnia-Dr. Sepehr Hamedanchi-Dr. Soheil Hamedanchi-Dr. Khayati-Dr. Farghipour-Dr. Rath