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Patient safety

Patient safety The World Health Organization (WHO) defines patient safety as not preventing potential harm to the patient during medical care processes. Patient safety index in hospitals has become one of the main concerns of international patients today. Therefore, the World Health Organization has tried to help international medical institutions to achieve a comprehensive and codified medical and treatment program, international standards such as safety, effectiveness, timeliness, efficiency of treatment and patient-centered hospital Defined and implemented with the help of hospitals and medical institutions. The first goal in a medical institution is to prevent injury to the patient and endanger his/her safety as a result of providing health services. Maintaining the patient’s safety from the moment of an illness until the completion of the treatment process and after its completion, regardless of whether the patient’s treatment is accompanied by a desirable or undesirable result, is one of his most fundamental rights. Therefore; Safety in diagnosing and treating patients is one of the priorities of the health care system and as one of the main components of the quality of health services, it means avoiding any injury to the patient while providing health care. Therefore, health care organizations to improve the quality of clinical services need to use preventive strategies that reduce the incidence of medical errors and reduce the length of hospital stay, readmission, medical interventions and treatment costs, and in this regard, Omid Hospital tries to increase the quality of its services as well as patient safety by following the models set by the World Health Organization. At Omid Hospital, by applying all the standard indicators of the World Health Organization, we have improved the ‌ patient safety index in this hospital and achieved a safe environment in terms of health and medical services.