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Introduction of section / unit: Spirometry is a common test used to diagnose asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and in cases where the respiratory system has been affected for some reason. Spirometry is performed periodically to check the function of the lungs that have been treated for a chronic lung disease.   Services and specialized activities of the department / unit: Spirometry is the simplest respiratory test that is used to assess the presence or absence of pulmonary dysfunction according to history or physical examination, to assess the severity of pulmonary dysfunction in patients, to assess changes in lung function during treatment, to evaluate the effects of occupational or environmental contacts including cigarette smoke. Dust, mineral and industrial, on lung function, determine the risk of surgery according to lung function, assess the degree of disability or lung function (for the rehabilitation of chemical patients, forensic reasons and military service).   Activity hours / unit: Daily except holidays Specialized equipment of the department / unit: Spirometry device Specialist physicians / colleagues working in: – Dr. Mahdia Gholamnejad – lung specialist