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Terms and Conditions

Patient Rights Charter
  1. The patient has the right to receive the best health services in the hospital.
Information and guidance in the hospital should be provided to the patient in a desirable and sufficient manner.
  1. The patient has the right to choose and decide freely in receiving his health services, such as choosing the treating physician and selecting and consulting the treating physician and selecting and consulting the second physician as a consultant.
  2. Respect for the patient’s privacy is the patient’s right.
  3. The patient has access to an efficient grievance redressal system.
We are so glad to announce that thanks to God and the efforts of charitable philanthropists, as the new achievement of Omid Charity Association, as Omid Hospital, with one hundred beds and specialized and sub-specialized wards we are ready to provide clinical and paraclinical services to the general clients based on the ministry of Health tariffs in the charity centers. In order to satisfy you, dear ones, this guide has been prepared and we hope that the presented materials will be useful. The hospital has the following departments: Ground floor: Radiology / Ultrasound / Laboratory / fund / Emergency Ground floor: Office of Management / Nursing / Admission / Insurance Unit / Patient Follow-up Unit / Assistance Unit / Chemotherapy / Specialized Clinics / Dining Room / Bank / Buffet / IPD Unit / Clearance unit First floor: General Surgery unit / Internal Medicine unit Second floor: Oncology unit Third floor: Intensive care unit ICU / Operating room Documents required for hospitalization:
  • Passport
  • Hospitalization form and doctor’s order
  • Accompanying radiographic reports of CT scan MRI and the results of previous tests to present to the treating physician
How to admit the patient:
  • Refer to the admission unit
  • Guidance to the clearance unit to obtain financial information and how to pay the deposit
  • Pay the deposit in the fund and go to the reception
  • Creating an electronic file for the hospitalized patient
  • Deliver the file and refer to the desired section
Remarkable companions and patients: The Quran and the Bible are available in all sections. Patients’ information:
  • In order to control order and relaxation, it is requested that only one person be present with the patient.
  • Changing clothes and sheets is done only by the department services.
  • It is requested that you give your clothes, valuables, money, etc. to your accompanier when you are hospitalized, and if there is no one with you, provide them to the nursing office on loan.
  • Avoid manipulating the patient’s serum, blood, and appendages for treatment because of potential risks.
  • Avoid smoking in the patient’s room and hospital corridor
  • If your patient has a contagious disease, avoid meeting with the patient as much as possible to control the infection.
  • Children are more at risk of contracting the disease. Please refrain from bringing children under 12 to visit.
  • Avoid bringing natural flowers with soil and fertilizer that create a suitable environment for microbial growth.
  • Please throw your garbage in the blue bin. Yellow bins are for infectious waste.
  • The announced appointment hours are as follows:
Afternoon from 15:00 to 17:00 (Oncology Department from 15:00 to 16:00)
  • Serving the accompanier’s food is done at the same time as serving the patient.
  • To perform religious duties, refer to the public prayer hall on the ground floor.
  • It is mandatory to observe Islamic rules in the hospital.
  • Dear clients, hands and sanitizers are placed in the rooms and corridors of the wards for your use.
  • Dear patient, If you need to contact your doctor during your stay, please coordinate with the nurse in charge of the shift.
  • If you need a photo of the patient’s clinical record, it will be provided to you by the hospital in accordance with the rules and regulations.
  • To communicate with the patient, after dialing the hospital telephone numbers, contact the phone installed above the head of each bed.
Hospital Phone: +98-44-331881-128 +98-44-33873442