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Welfare facilities

Hospital amenities Hospital room facilities Double and single bed rooms At Omid Hospital, all rooms are equipped with direct dial telephone, TV, refrigerator and wardrobe, separate toilet, nurse call and sofa bed for the use of patients’ companions. Also, all VIP rooms of the hospital are equipped with free WIFI. In all bedrooms there is at least one rug, Quran and prayer books per bed.   Patients bag In each room, patients have a special bag containing a towel, a pair of slippers, a tissue, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, a glass and a toilet seat. The patient is identified as a patient by distinctive clothing. connections There is a toll-free public telephone in several areas of the hospital. For each bed there is a free internal telephone line with the possibility of dialing zero. Inpatients can be mechanically summoned by their responsible nurse for medical services. The hospital at least has a restaurant that can be used in addition to the patient’s staff. The hospital has a sufficient number of water coolers and water heaters with disposable glasses in its public space and inside each VIP room. Cleaning is done with the utmost care and using disinfectants, including all components and means of toilets, toilets, baths, faucets, etc.   Bank and currency It should be noted that all funds received from international patients are spent in line with the goals of the Charity Association and Omid Hospital to support patients in need of cancer. Foreign clients have access to Omid Hospital for Omid Hospital to do financial affairs. With the use of two ATMs in the lobby and the clinic, as well as card readers in the cash registers, payment has become easier. Foreign patients can pay in dollars and do not need to exchange currency. Outpatients can receive bills in English at Omid Hospital for their expenses and with the official approval of the hospital management.   Food and nutrition In order to improve the quality of services and value creation for patients, as well as creating a space for the comfort of companions, a place in the hospital lobby is considered as a buffet. We have also tried to provide a space full of peace and security for the patients’ companions by creating a food menu.   Hospital interior design All parts of the hospital are built and equipped according to the principles of design and with special painting and decoration, which has made the atmosphere of the medical wards more attractive. A special ramp has been designed for easy movement of patients or wheelchairs at the entrance of the hospital. In all the patients referred from the waiting area to the medical wards, various televisions have been installed to make the waiting time more pleasant. In all parts of the hospital, especially inpatient wards, a chiller cooling and central heating system has been installed with manual control. The hospital has emergency stairs and fire extinguishers in accordance with the standards of hospital spaces, and this ensures the health and safety of patients.   Transportation Patients and companions have access to travel agencies, telephone taxis and intercity taxis 24 hours a day. The hospital parking lot is available 24 hours a day inside the hospital for foreign patients. Wheelchairs and stretchers are located in sufficient numbers and in a specific location for easy transport and movement.     Patient Guide In the welcome plan, all the facilities and needs of international patients are provided with a translator and a brochure. There are colored lines for easier and more accurate guidance of patients and companions from the hospital lobby to the main wards of the hospital. In all parts of the hospital, there are signboards with arrows in the right viewing angle and with a special and beautiful design in both Persian and English.   Hotel and accommodation One of the remarkable facilities of Omid Hospital is hotel facilities. Facilities that have been set up with the aim of housing patients and foreign companions in a suitable place away from infectious and microbial contamination necessary for cancer patients, with the standards of accommodation in the city equipped. These facilities are very useful for patients who are receiving, chemotherapy or radiation therapy in the Omid hospital, because both patients and their companions can get the necessary time for recovery and rest after receiving medical services. The distance between the hotel services and Omid Hospital is less than one kilometer, which has facilitated the patients’ transportation to the hospital and the medical clinic of the institute. The hotel services of Omid Hospital are provided in Sarai Omid, which was built and equipped with the help of donors in the city of Urmia to support cancer patients and has full amenities including; TV, refrigerator, bed, wardrobe, dining room and …. Address of Omid House: Farhangian – Fadaeian Islam St. – Ghasemi St. – Behind the apartments next to the fire station – Omid Residential House 33859787-044 and 33860602-044   Other welfare facilities Independent 24-hour laundry unit Prayer room and the possibility of holding congregational prayers Green space of the hospital grounds and chairs for the patient’s companions to sit CCTV system with 100% coverage and the possibility of storing the archive for one month.